Triskan TS8professional mobile data terminal

The Triskan TS8 mobile handheld scanner and data terminal brings to it's customers an elegant, intuitive and powerful mobile data terminal. The handy lightweight scanner with colour OLED Screen is seen as the foundation of mobile enterprises' data capturing capability, providing seamless integration with a variety of networks and information systems, and delivering real-time superior performance at the point of business activity. Created with the users and durability in mind; Comfort, Convenience, and Ergonomics came top priority when designing the TS8. The Triskan TS8 platform enables it to be configured as a member of a GPRS mobile network or as a network device in a corporate Wi-Fi network and with built-in Bluetooth as standard this allows access to remote printers.

The Triskan TS8 platform runs an embedded Linux operating system with a custom root filesystem. The development environment on the host machine is also running Linux and employs a cross-compiler tool chain from CodeSourcery for building the OS kernel, board-specific drivers, root filesystem and user space applications as well as utilities. Additional libraries to simplify the user application development are built from their original source code packages and installed to the target filesystem. The list of libraries includes libspatha, xynth, guioo, freetype, expat, libpng and others.

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